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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a deeply-focused, hands-on therapy that encourages your body's natural healing powers, supporting its innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself. Many osteopaths are trained in craniosacral therapy and use it when a gentler approach is required. No massage, manipulation or "force" is involved. Only the lightest touch is needed to connect with the nervous system at a deep level.

Conditions involving acute pain, such as whiplash or sports injuries, respond well as do chronic, debilitating physical and emotional illnesses.

Women find craniosacral therapy soothing for hormonal issues such as PMT, during pregnancy and around the time of menopause.

By applying a gentle, sensitive and respectful touch the therapist locates areas of restriction within the body and facilitates their release in a supported and comfortable way. These tensions may have originated early in your life forming the basis for later vulnerabilities.

Craniosacral therapy is often profoundly moving and exhilarating. Its effects can extend into everyday life and you may notice an increased sense of vitality as the energy that had been devoted to holding your body in a state of tension becomes available.

Craniosacral therapy for your horse provides soothing relief from the day-to-day physical stresses and strains that can build up from being ridden. As sensitive creatures, horses can also retain historical trauma from unsympathetic weaning or handling that may lead to behavioural and performance issues. Their nervous systems respond well to the sympathetic touch of the therapist allowing trauma to release to reveal a more balanced, composed and contented horse.

Important: Craniosacral therapy is intended to complement, not replace, conventional medicine. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, please consult a doctor.

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